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Most bed bugs, however, will feed on any blood available to sustain themselves, if their preferred warm blood is not available. Like C. lectularius, they will feed and survive on the blood of other mammals, including humans, but they must have bat blood to reproduce..

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    Bed bugs typically feed on their preferred host, humans. For thousands of years, humans understood that the bed bug would rather feed on humans than any other animal. Bed .

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    While bed bugs like human blood, they have been known to feed on animals like bats too. Discover more about bed bugs and their different types..

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    Bed bugs are parasites that feed on humans, using the blood to grow and reproduce. Bed bugs are also capable of feeding on animals, including dogs, cats, and other pets. Bed bugs typically bite the head and neck but they will also bite bare arms, hands, and legs..

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    Bed bugs feed on blood, most especially to that of the warm blooded animals. They feed on human blood such that they have specials to use in this process. Scientifically speaking, bed bugs are known to be hematophagous, meaning .