Things Bed Bugs Hate

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The heat of the steam will kill bedbugs on contact. If you add a cedar based cleaner to the steam, it will leave a residual scent bedbugs do not like. Cedar will also help eradicate any musty bedbug odor that may be present. Be sure to fix any cracks, crevices, or other imperfections that provide hiding places for bedbugs..By doing so, they are able to prevent any bedbugs from biting them. You can do the same thing to remove these insects from your bed. b. Alcohol Some experts believe that bedbugs hate alcohol. Therefore, you can also spray some alcohol on your bed. There are many stu.s showing that alcohol can irritate bed bugs .Bedbugs prefer warm places like beds, are active at night and can cause rashes and allergic reactions. They can also affect you psychologically because they are stressful to live with and notoriously difficult and expensive to get rid of. Understanding what bedbugs hate will help you combat infestation .Google Image search results inevitably show the worst possible scenarios, no matter what you re looking up, but because I caught them early no thanks to my roommate , mine looked like this, not like this. At this point, though I still hadn t seen any bed bugs, I knew what they looked like. Hours and hours .

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