How To Check For Bed Bugs In A Hotel Room

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Closely examine the folds and seams in the corner of the mattress for signs of bed bugs. Use a credit card to get underneath the folds of the mattress, where bed bugs love to hide, and closely examine the darker hiding spots with a flashlight. Use a credit card and flashlight to closely examine the seams of a mattress..

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    When you first enter a new hotel room, put your luggage in the bathrooman unlikely place for bed bugs to hidewhile you inspect the bedding and furniture. . Pull back the bed sheets and check the mattress and box spring seams for bugs, especially at the head of the bed. Adults, nymphs, and eggs are visible to the naked eye..

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    How to Search Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs. These are spots the bugs like to hide in. . Check your sheets the next morning. When you get up the next morning, .

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    Few pests spark quite as much fear as bed bugs. After all, there aren’t nursery rhymes about watching out for moths or mosquitos which people have a lot more .

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    You’ll want to know how to check for bedbugs when you stay in a hotel, Avoid Carrying Bed Bugs Home from an Infested Hotel Room. Sources and Citations..