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Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger Effectiveness is a product that should be used in conjunction with Hot Shot Bed Bug & Flea Spray. Fogger bed bugs get rid of pests with mixed reviews of effectiveness. Using bug bombs with sprays kills better bed bugs.

Bed Bug Fogger Effectiveness

When I first wrote a review about Hot Shot products, my main complaint was that the instructions on how to use their product were not clear. I recommend that this product be used in conjunction with a bed bug treatment plan.


This product has some pretty diverse reviews across the web. In fact I feel reluctant to try this product accordingly. In the end, I decided to give a fair shot, just like all the other products I tested. I review the product honestly. What’s amazing is the Hot Shot listening to the customers.


The company has improved their site to help users understand how the whole bug process and bed bugs work. I must say that I am impressed that they prove that they care about customer satisfaction. Not only do they improve the product, they also try to give wise instructions. I’m impressed.


Hotshot is a brand manufactured by Spectrum Brand Holdings inc. They produce a number of trusted brands, such as bug spray cutters and Rayovac batteries.


Some other products made by the same company that make hot shot are:


  • Cutter Bug Spray
  • Rayovac Battery
  • Black + Decker
  • ArmorAll
  • STP
  • National Hardware
  • Fanal
  • A / C Pro
  • George Forman
  • Black flag
  • Juice Man
  • Baldwin
  • The park is safe
  • Ecological
  • Natural wonders
  • Varta Consumer Battery

Spectrum Brand Holdings was outside the US for a short time but was transferred back to the United States in 2013, and is now headquartered in Madison, WI.


My original review stated, “I learned how to effectively kill insects with this fogger (restriction) .The negative reviews studied were written by people who did not understand their directions.”


I also recommend to check out the Bug Books Book for a thorough guide, and I still do. But be aware that the Hot Shot site has a guide through.


Now let’s talk specifically about the product. While some infestations can be treated with foggers alone, many infestations should also be handled with sprays. Plus bed cover mattress bugs should be invested for after treatment.


There are two main types of bed bugs extermination products, both from Hot Shot. One of them is Hot Shot Bed Bug Flea & Bed Bug Spray, and the other is Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger.


Each product, using slightly different chemicals, to help complete the work. Misconceptions about this fogger arise when people use it themselves, without using sprays or sealing their homes.


Before you use this product, understand how you should address detection, care, and prevention.


Reviewing Effectiveness


This review is for Hot Shot Bed Bug and Flea fogger. I have used it for ticks once, and it works well (the smell of indoor cats slipping out and bringing back ticks). The active ingredient in Hot Shot is Cypermethrin, neurotoxic pyrethroid.


Fleas and bed bugs are very different creatures. Bed bugs get pesticide resistance. The more active ingredients used in a particular area, the more effective it is to use them. For example, this product can be less effective in areas that have bed bug infestations over a decade.


Ticks are very mobile. Bed bugs can not jump, but fleas can. In connection with fleas, you should take care of your home and your pet. Do not treat your pet with Hot Shot, give them a nice old rotten bath, and some Revolution.


Difficulty With Some Hot Shot Review


The problem with some of the reviews for this product is that people who kill bed bugs with it are less likely to post around the net. Customers with bad experiences complain to everyone. Where happy customers are less likely to return to leave feedback.


I see some things about this complaint. Most of them ONLY use Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger or ONLY to use the spray.


Some may have used the spray, but a few days after the fogger. Others try to use this as the only method of ignoring the bug and not taking any precautions.


No matter what spray you use; it will not work if you do not have a full bed bug plan. It seems like a lot of people are complaining about Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger that they type that has an immune bug, or the type that is looking for an easy answer.


There is no easy answer to bed bugs or fleas.


Grabbing the first product you see and use it, without really researching how to get rid of bed bugs, will almost fail at any time. It is important to understand that the annihilation of bed bugs is not like removing other pests.


Bed bugs are evil, well maybe not evil, but they are hard and uncomfortable. Fleas can bring disease and make you or your pet sick. Both are more durable than cockroaches, and that’s a lot of talk. Roaches live longer than dinosaurs!


If you’re really ready to kill the bed bugs yourself and forget about the exterminator, then check out these free bed bugs for the list.


If you get rid of lice, just go ahead and try this product. But, do not forget to take care of your pet with the appropriate product.


How to Use Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger in Combination With Spraying and Sealing


From my experience using Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger, and calling the Hot Shot toll free number, I found that sprays and foggers need to be used together, and in a certain order.


The company itself gave me hints; it is my experience that helps me really understand how to use Hot Shot Bed Bug Products effectively.


When I researched reviews about Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger, the main complaint with the fogger (and the problem with his complaint) helped me figure out how to use the product.


1) Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger can cause bed bugs to run deeper into crevices and crevices.


Yes, it is, but there is a solution! ! I have seen bed bugs by deliberately avoiding sprayed areas with pesticides. I can not put this into people’s heads. You must close your house from bed bugs!


You should seal after you use Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger and Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray. If you want to steam, do it before you use a fogger or spay.


Steaming after you use Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger or spray can cause chemicals to evaporate in the air. This can cause serious injury and health problems.


Foggers created with Pyrethrins. It comes from chrysanthemum. It is less stable to light, and non-toxic as Permetrin, which is an active ingredient in sprays.


Therefore, the fogger is not as solid as the spray, but warned it can still cause respiratory problems.


For this reason the first thing you need to do when eradicating the bed bugs, beyond checking the beds and furniture, spray all the cracks and cracks with Hot Shot Bed bug spray. Then use the fogger, then seal it.


It works because you get Permetrin, deep in cracks and crevices. Uninstall the fogger, which will either stun the bed bugs OR drive it into the cracks where you sprayed poisonous poison.


Then, you seal each chalkboard, every rubber mold and crack on the floor. They are trapped, with poison, and it is impossible to return home or escape to another place.


2) You will find a review where someone has caught a bed bug, sprayed it with a spray, and it did not die. That’s a good sign that your strain bed bugs are resistant. At this point, you can try other products, contact professionals or try other bed bug help methods.


Since this happens sometimes, people make claims that this product is a scam, but it really is not. It really works if you follow the correct procedure, AND the bug you can not stand. There is no way to know until you try it.


Again, my suggestion to use Hot Shot fogger is as follows:


  1. Spray cracks and cervices with Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray


  1. Use Hot Shot Fogger


  1. Close all cracks and cervices


  1. Repeat the fogger as instructed 2 weeks later for the newly hatched egg


  1. Use spray as needed.


Are Bed Bugs Resistant to Hot Shot?


It is important to talk about the immunity of bed bugs. There is very little research to draw factual evidence about immunity. However, there are some studies that explain some things to us.


The most important study was conducted by the Department of Entomology, Center for Agricultural Research and Development of Ohio at Ohio State University in Wooster, Ohio with the Department of Entomology at Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio.


This study is directly related to Permethrin and its cousin deltamethrin. I will get technical; You can read it here if you want.


The essence of this is: through the study of gene expression there are bed bugs that are resistant to permethrin, and cousin deltamethrin. However, this represents a particular strain.


Other studies have determined the same thing but disagree with the abundance and location of immune insects.


It could be that the southern regions could have higher numbers of immune bugs due to the high levels of permethrin and deltamethrin pesticides due to warmer weather.


The relevance of this is that some bugs may have resistance to permethrin and not deltamethrin. Some may withstand both.


Some may withstand both. I have seen bed bugs hot fogger and spray working in one house, and then not working in another house in the same city.


This means all Hot Shot Bed Bug Products, including Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger, are hit or miss. They will work well for you, or really waste your time. Unfortunately, without a bed bug DNA test from your home, it is impossible to find out.


If you do not like to gamble, then this is probably not the product you want to try.

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